Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right parts and accessories for my motorcycle? has made finding any spare parts, oils, accessories for all motorcycles and scooters easy, using the following ways:

  1. 1. On the navigation menu, select your motorcycle’s brand, model and engine capacity, so that our database can filter in only the spare parts suited for your model.
  2. 2. Through the search function: Find what you want, immediately, fast and easy by typing some words related to what you are searching for. Write the name of your model or the product you are looking for in the search bar that is on top of the menu so you can browse the respective categories of your motorcycle or straight the product which you are looking for. For example, if you own a Transalp 650 and you are looking for brake pads, write Transalp 650 pads.
  3. 3. After creating a new account or logging in to your existing account, you can check on "Select your motorcycle model", where you will see spare parts, consumables, lubricants, tools tailored only to your motorcycle. If you uncheck this option, the navigation menu reverts to its original state, displaying all available products for every motorcycle brand, model and engine capacity.

How can I order?

You can order fast and easy with 3 different ways:

  • Via our website: : Find the product you wish to purchase and press the button « add to cart». Follow the same procedure for every article you wish to purchase. Upon completing your list, follow the steps listed on the check-out tab until your order is completed.
  • Via e-mail: : You can search for and order the product you want by sending an e-mail at or describing what exactly you are interested in so that one of our sales professionals can contact you for the completion of your order.

How are shipping costs calculated?

FREE shipment for orders over 85€ within Greece or pay  only 5€  for orders less than 85€ WITHOUT extra charges.  
FREE shipment for orders over 500€ outside Greece, while for orders less than 500€ shipping costs are calculated depending on your country and the cost of your order.

Can I order by phone?

As we want to operate our business as economically as possible and ensure that our prices remain competitive, we operate online sales only.

  • Ordering via telephone is NOT possible
  • Please place your order through our web shop.

How can I track the status of my order?

During working hours and shortly after your order has been placed, our experienced staff will process your order, will verify your contact information, will check the availability of every item in your basket and if the products you have selected are suitable for your model, they will contact you straight away to inform you of when your order will be sent.

After your order is sent off, you will receive an e-mail with your tracking number and details about the status and delivery of your order so that you can track it until it is delivered.

Also, by logging in to your account on you can see any time the status of your order.

How can i add an item or more after placing my order?

Your shopping cart remains unchanged upon placing your order so that you can add more items to it and resend your order, while cancelling the last order via email.  
If you have paid both orders by credit card,you will only be charged for the final order when it is dispatched and not the one you have cancelled.

How can I remove an item from my order?

Your shopping cart remains unchanged upon placing your order so that you can remove items from it and resend your order, while cancelling the last order via email.
If you have paid both orders by credit card, you will only be charged for the final order when it is dispatched and not the one you have cancelled.

How can i cancel my order?

If you need to cancel your order, you can send an email at as soon as possible.

How can I return a product?

You reserve the right to return any items you have purchased, for any reason within 15 days after having received your order. Please read the return policy.

  • Please note that all items that are returned will have to include the original packaging.
  • In case of an incorrect order from us or you, you will have to contact us through e- mail at so that the product can be replaced with the correct one.

How can i change my profile?

You can see and modify your personal information by logging in and choosing the «My Account».

From there you can make any changes you wish to your profile, password, motorcycle model etc.

ΜDon’t forget to choose the model of your motorcycle and check «Full navigation adjustment to my model » so that you can view products tailored specifically to your motorcycle.

Do I have to pay VAT / TAX ?


When will I receive my order? aims to ship your order within the next 24 hours (during weekdays) for the parts that are readily available

You can be informed of availability of the items before you place your order.

When your order has been sent off, you are notified through email for the details of the shipment so you can track its status.

You will receive your order within the next 2-10 days after shipment

What methods of payment do you accept?

For your convenience, you can choose among four different payment methods:

  • • Bank deposit
  • • Payment on delivery – collect on delivery (only for Greece)
  • • Credit card (charged after shipment of your order)

Am I charged with bank expenses when I transfer money to your account?

In the event of transferring money from your bank you will have to choose to be charged with the expenses of your bank as well as our bank.

Also the money will appear on our account after 2-3 working days so that is when your order will be shipped.

Can I buy with monthly instalments?

For every order above 100€ you can carry out a purchase in instalments using your credit card online.

  1. 1. Choose the desired items and place them in the cart.
  2. 2. When the total cost of the order exceeds 100€, you can choose to pay in monthly instalments only when paying by credit card.
  3. 3. Before completing your payment, check if your card is on the list and choose the number of instalments you want.
  4. 4. Complete your order by paying with your credit card.

Are my transactions through credit card safe?

The transactions you carry out with through credit cards are completely safe.

Whenever e-moto collects credit card data, it is encrypted and transmitted securely.

The bank uses the latest security and encryption technology to make sure your personal details remain private and cannot be used for any other purpose than the transaction of the electronic order.

Can I order motorcycle parts not listed on your website?

You can ask us anything you want through e-mail. can check if the items you need for your motorcycle or scooter are available.

Please contact us at and our sales professionals will check availability of the products.

Then a special order can be placed for you to one of our suppliers.

If you are looking for specific engine parts you should also disclose your motorcycle VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) indicated on the vehicle's registration so that we can guarantee that the part you wish to find will match your motorcycle model.

If you are looking for body parts, plastics, fairings etc. along with the VIN, you should also inform us of the colour code number you want the part in (colour code number is usually printed on a white tag under the seat).)

Prior to sending off your order, our staff will contact you to inform you of the cost of the parts you wish to purchase and the time frame of the shipment.

What is the minimum order value?

What if my country is not listed ?

How can I find out easily what size of helmet I wear?

Use a tape measure to measure the perimeter of your head. Then find your size in the size chart below.

Adult helmet sizes.

















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Use fast and detailed ways to find brand name quality motorcycle parts for your model. Choose your model on the main menu bar or insert keywords in the search bar and you will find what you are looking for such as:Genuine spare parts or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) - Racing and After Market motorcycle spare parts , accessories, tyres, shock absorbers, service parts, oil, lock, alarm - security systems, brake pads, air filter, oil filter, drive chains, Chains & Sprockets Kit, exhaust systems, mirrors, racks, motorcycles cover, engine guards, spoilers, covers, cases - luggage, care spray for motorbikes.

Having carefully selected the best companies for all your needs, we offer high quality products at the best prices:

Cuaranteed and cheap aftermarket parts, used by leading motorcycle and scooter manufacturers (Bando Ngk Hiflofiltro Did jt_sprockets Emgo Yuasa Oyek Tsubaki).

In our catalogues you can find the cheapest genuine parts on sale in πακέτα service which are directly available, with free shipping over 85€ and free Real- Time Order Tracking.

We add items to the respective motorcycle models on a daily basis and we gradually supplement other brands so that we can cover a larger range of companies. However, if you are looking for something specific for your motorcycle and are unable to find it in our database, don’t hesitate to ask us by filling out the relevant contact form.

If you cannot find the model of your motorcycle in our already existing brands(companies), email us , e-mail so that we can include it in our database.